Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas tree and Little Santa

We always had the tradition of getting a real tree every year when I was a kid.  It is one of my favorite traditions we did.  So I am a stickler about doing it with our kids.  Last year we decided to get a fake tree, so we could put it up right away and have it last all month long.   Although I wasn't about to give up my tradition.  So this year (and every following year) we will pick out a little (real) tree for the kids to decorate.  About a week into December, so it will last until Christmas.  We made a whole night out of it.  We had a FHE lesson focused on Christ and the real meaning.  We listed to music and I could really feel the spirit.  I know the girls did too cause (toward the end) they were quiet as can be and really listening.  I love those moments as a Mom to teach my kids.

For some reason I decided to introduce "Elf on the Shelf" tonight too...and right after our nice spiritual lesson.  I may be weird, but it just felt so wrong telling them blatant lies that I want them to believe right after telling them about Christ, that I want them to believe....Next year I think I'll do it different nights so it doesn't seem so evil.  :)  Nobody is scarred from the lies of their parents regarding Christmas, right?  So they named our Elf "Little Baby Santa Clause"  I call him Little Santa.  Aubree is WAY to smart though.  She was asking me ALL Sorts of questions about him.  Does he REALLY fly to the Santa every night, FOR REAL MOM?  Will I see him flying out my window?  He can really hear us?  Are his little ears real?  They really work like our ears?  He will never say "Hi" to us, but he can talk?  Man I was feeling guiltier by second every time I answered.  I kept using the words "Christmas magic" as if that made it not a lie to believe in the "magic".   We'll see how it goes...

So we picked our little tree.  Once I told Aubree we could go back in the warm store as soon as we picked out which on we wanted, she pointed to the first one she saw...and since Sophie agreed...it was that easy.  Dave had the job of setting it up.

Aubree quickly snagged the star and patiently waited until it was time to decorate.
Soph was just chill.  And already stripped down and waiting.
As soon as the ornaments came out they were ready.  It was so cute to watch them.  This is the first year they have really been into it.  I strung the lights on, and put up maybe three ornaments.  They did the rest.
They found their princess ornaments from last year,
And both girls just stared at them for a minute.

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