Saturday, December 24, 2011

Fun Times

I forgot to blog about a neighborhood party we went to earlier this month.  It was really fun, and a fun story came from it.  We had a white elephant gift exchange at the end of the party.  The one Dave got was this picture that our friend Jordan took of himself, framed, and signed.  We were all laughing SO hard.  Then I realized that Aubree loves him, and it would be fun to see her reaction to it, so I made sure we went home with it!  Sure enough Aubree just LOVED it.  At first it went everywhere with her, on the couch to watch a movie, at the dinner table, the counter for snacks and activities, etc... then the other day she got excited and told us she found a home for "bullseye" (as she calls him). She took me up to her room, and this is what I saw.  

Funny, funny girl.

And I had to take pictures of them opening their present from my Mom and Dad (early)

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