Friday, December 23, 2011

Gardner Villiage

Today we went to see the Elve's at Gardner Village.  We originally planned to go with the Lasko's and Millers.  But the day of our original plans, Aubree and I were up all night throwing up!  So it worked out that we went alone.  Our girls didn't even know the difference, and we had a blast.  I downloaded the form on-line, and we were ready. 

The girls loved looking for the elves, and finding all the funny things they were doing.

We went in the afternoon, and it was nice and sunny.  It only got real cold toward the end.  It was a beautiful day.

We found them all, and got their complimentary candy stick.  I had to get a family shot on our way out...
And since we were sitting under the mistletoe elf....

It was a success!

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