Friday, December 23, 2011

Meeting Santa

Tonight, was a trip to the Mall to meet Santa.  Aubree was very impressed that the "for reals" Santa would be at our mall.  Unfortunately everyone else had the same idea, and we waited in line for an hour and a half!!!!!  But they actually did AWESOME.

Sophie LOVED the train, and got excited each time it drove by.
When we got close enough, there was a little play station to entertain the kids.

Santa was amazing. Sophie sat down right by him.  Aubree stood up in the farthest corner away from him, but still eying him very carefully.   The first thing he said to Aubree was about the EXACT specific toy that she wanted THE MOST for Christmas.  She was in awe, and so was I.  At that point she scooted and sat right by him.  He knew exactly the right things to say, and the girls were just tickled.  Aubree promised to make him some treats and leave some milk for him.  We had them take pictures just to see how they turned out.  Well we had to buy this shot because it was just so cute.   Another successful family outing.

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