Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day....and a Happy Birthday.

HaPpY fAtHeR's DaY!  
It's fun celebrating Father's Day when my Dad is here.  I never get to see my Mom on Mother's day, being in May and still in the school year.  But my Dad is usually here for their summer trip and we get to celebrate with him.  My Dad and Dave woke up to find this waiting for them.  

(For Dave)

(For my Dad)

I was still in pain from the night before, so unfortunately for Dave it wasn't that happy of a Father's Day.  He did all the work while I withered in pain :(

We went to Cha's sacrement.  Aubree has never, nor will probably ever, participate in the Primary programs, so we weren't missing anything being away from our ward.  In Carlee's ward, her and Guy sang a duet accompanied by Kelsey for my Dad.  We all went to support and enjoy.  It was very beautiful.  They sang/played My Heavenly Father Loves Me (Dad's favorite.)  I have a very talented family. (Too bad it skipped right over me) after, we hung out at Cha's for a while....until I decided that I needed to be at home to rest.  I decided that I just needed to lie low for the rest the day.  Dave and Aubree went to the Callister's to celebrate with them.  The rest of my family had a BBQ at Cha's while Soph and I rested at home.  It was kind of sad...but my frail body needed it :)

Every so often my Mom shares her birthday with Father's Day.  This was one of those years.  I set up a "station" for her so she would feel special too.  Just a simple banner with her presents on cake plates.  Unfortunately I don't think it was the best birthday :( I wish I could'h've done more...but it was all I could do to be upright...let alone do fun festivities.  She did get some nice presents, and later that night after the Father's Day BBQ, they all came back up and we did crepes for her "birthday cake".  She received a wonderful "Happy Birthday" rendition from all of us, ending our night and hopefully my pain!

 (I had to add this picture in, it looks really scandalous, but it's not!) 

(Aubs having fun with her cousin up at Grandma's)

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