Thursday, June 25, 2009


I finally got around to finishing Sophie's name for her wall. I didn't want to do it before she was born in case we changed our minds about her name, and then after she was born, it was crazy and everything was packed, then we moved and had to unpack etc... so I'm excited I finally got to it. I just have to put it on the wall now.

This is Aubree's, I made sure that they matched in case they share a room down the road.

These are other crafts I finished recently for their rooms
I copied the pattern of this butterfly from Pottery Barn kids. I loved it when I saw it at their store, but it was in the wrong colors. And I made it for half the price they were charging :)


  1. SUPER cute. You are so like me I love it. We'll have to have a crafy day!

  2. The signs are really cute! You're so good at the crafty stuff. I love all the stuff you do!