Thursday, June 18, 2009


Spoiler Alert!!! If you haven't finished the Twilight series (Kelsey) don't proceed. I had to post another blog because I just went to my friend Karen's and she's giving me a hard time about "Team Jacob" :) So here's the thing....I totally think Bella and Edward belong together. If they didn't end up together it would have been wrong. But if it was me, and my choice I'd choose Jacob. I prefer heaters to ice cubes personally, among other things. I just thought I'd clarify. :)


  1. Very good point, I'm totally with you on the heater of Seth's best qualities! :) The site for the poppies is:

  2. I completely understand your logic. However, I like ice cubes better since I'm always hot! But, I must say that from the New Moon trailer, I'm going more for Jacob (personally) than Edward.

  3. Hey guys! Cute pictures of Sophie and Aubree. I see you rolled over Sophie! Nice job!
    Dave, call me this week. Let's hang out! We can come down or meet somewhere or whatever!