Thursday, June 18, 2009


We hit a new milestone today and it was really exciting. Sophie rolled over for the first time!
It was so cute, Aubree got excited for her and was clapping and saying how big she was. It was a precious moment.
If you're wondering why she's so shiny, she had just had her bath and I put baby oil on her....
After Sophie rolled over, and Aubree saw my reaction, she told me very proudly that she could roll over also. Just as enthusiastically I told her to show me and she proceeded to roll over. I made sure to react to her the same as Sophie so she still feels special. She was so proud, it was adorable.

This picture is kind of creepy, but I had to get a shot of both of them rolled over. Too bad I chopped Sophie's head out of it. Whoops.


  1. So cute. Isn't it funny how much the kids just want our praise. NOt much changes. I'm still that way.

  2. They're so cute! I love my great-nieces! Aubree looks so happy and excited in her picture!