Friday, June 26, 2009

Aubree's Cuteness

I feel like alot of my posts have been about Sophie because her milestones are more frequent. So this is going to be all about the cuteness of Aubree.

First: Aubree has been learning how to say prayers. She won't actually say them on her own yet, or even repeat what we say. She waits for us to start and when we bless people she jumps in. She did it for the first time the other day and blessed My sister Brittany and Travis. She gradually started adding family members until now when she says about everyone she knows. There have been four "blessings" that have stood out. She blessed the kitchen, "Grumps head" (which my dad took as a bad omen since she "is closer to heaven than him"), Sophie's eyes and Tori's back. She is getting pretty specific.

Second: Like every other kid she picks up on what we say. When she's doing something especially cute I always ask her "could you be any cuter?" She replies "no" and I say "I didn't think so." Now she prompts me, if she does something funny she'll look at me and say "could Aubree be any cuter?" and waits until I say it back to her and continues in the dialogue.

Third: The other day we went to the splash pool with friends. We woke up late and so I was rushing to get ready. The girls were already ready so I laid Soph down and ahe wouldn't stop crying. Aubree looked at me and said "Baby Sophie's hungry hu? I told her that she probably was and that I would feed her when I was done. She walked out of the room and came back with a bottle and sat there and fed her while I finished getting ready, it was a precious moment.
She's learning how to be a good big sister.

Fourth: She is a technology bug, like her Dad. Our first Mac book we owned, dropped and it was totally destroyed. I fell right on the part where to fix it would be more than buying a new one and to erase it would almost be impossible. Unless your in the CIA or something. So it has become Aubree's toy. Whenever one of us are on the computer, she'll grab hers and play too. It's really cute. And Dave just upgraded his I-phone so his old one has also become Aubree's. It is basically now an I-pod. It doesn't work as a phone anymore, but it has all the fun applications Dave originally got for Aubree. So she totally knows how to work it and it is so funny to watch her. She has her favorite pictures on there that she likes to look at, her favorite music, and games. NOw my cute two year old daughter has her own Mac book and I-phone!

(Marc is one of her "boyfriends.")

Lastly: She loves the park and I though these clips were cute.

(Rich is another one of her "boyfriends")

(Listen at the end of this one for when she says "mad world" that is her favorite song.)


  1. The bottle thing is so precious. Could Aubree be any cuter? lol.

  2. She's so cute! I love watching the videos of her and I just love Aubs so much! I don't think she could be any cuter!

  3. I love this post. Aubree is such a cutie. Mad world and her boyfriends. So funny. Also, that was about the cutest thing in the world when she fed Sophie for you!

  4. This post is SO CUTE!!! I love how Aubree talks and all the cute things she comes up with!!