Sunday, June 28, 2009


My poor Aubree Mae. We went swimming Saturday night and on the way home Aubree was running, tripped over the blanket wrapped around her, and face planted on the cement. Luckily I didn't see this happen. I heard it happen, and as you can see she has a fat lip. It's so cute, but oh so sad. She cut up her nose, and the inside of her mouth. We call her a pterodactyl right now cause she has a little beak.

We were going to get our family pictures taken tomorrow, but now we'll have to postpone. It's so cute when she smiles, because her lips get skinny, but the swollen part and it looks exaggerated. She's a tough cookie and keeps reminding us of that. The only good thing for her is now she gets multiple popsicles a day to help the swelling.


  1. Poor little Aubree! I know how she feels with my bike biff. :( Yay for the popsicles, though.

  2. This is a curse that will never lift. We had to reschedule our family pictures 3 times do to bruises, etc. Good luck.

  3. Oh! Poor thing. They are so good at getting boo boos...especially on the face...especially right before family pictures. Lovely. Hey, can't wait to see you guys tomorrow.