Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rain rain go away

We took advantage of the only day this week it hasn't rained, and went to the neighborhood splash pool with friends. Aubree was shy and not so sure at first...But then she joined the fun.
I love this picture of her "flying" in the water it was one of her favorite things to do. Well about half way through our stay she was running around the pool and a little boy accidentally pushed her over the edge. I was on the other side sitting with Sophie and I saw her sink like a rock to the bottom. It is just about the worst feeling in the world to watch your baby looking up at you from the bottom of the pool. Everything felt like slow motion and of course you can't run very fast in water....another girl got to her before me and pulled her out. Aubree didn't even cry, she just kept saying, "I fall, hu?" The splash pool is only 1 foot 6 inches at it's deepest and she was on her way to standing up by her self, but I can't even describe the feeling of watching this happen. It took her a little while to warm up to the water again, but she was right back to playing, I was just a little more cautious.
I'm not going to be winning any mom awards soon....I didn't realize until later when we got home that Sophie got sunburned on her leg! I thought I had her all covered, because you can't put sunscreen on babies under 1. Well obviously I didn't. I called her doctor because it kept getting worse and she said it's okay as long as it doesn't blister...
As you can see, it blistered. We have to take her into the doctor, because they say with little ones so young if they blister they can dehydrate fast. Our fun day at the pool was more traumatizing than I anticipated. I'll be more prepared next time.


  1. It's all good Aymee. We did the opposite. We put sunscreen on Max before we really tested it and turns out he's allergic. That did not go well for us....
    When's your husband going to call me to hang out?

    Let's hang out soon!

    Ben (and Stacy)

  2. You're not the worst mom ever. You thought you had her covered. It's not like you just had Sophie sit out in the sun all exposed. I hope she's okay and that the burn goes away quickly.

    I'm glad Aubree had fun in the pool and that she's okay from her little fall. Looks like you should get her some swimming lessons. Can she take a class at her age? Or, is she too young?

  3. Ya, they do classes as early as 6 months. I want to get her into a class, we'll see...