Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Turn the rain down.

I always have to update with the girls milestones or new cute things, or I will forget them. so for Aubree:

I sleep in as late as I can. I am NOT a morning person. Aubree always wakes up before me. And it is her special time with Dad. She hangs out with him as he is getting ready for work, he gets her breakfast and turns on a movie or Super Why for her. It's a daily routine and Aubree loves her one on one time with Dad. And I love more sleep. Some days Dave wakes up late and can't get her breakfast or hang out and Aubree gets so sad. It's cute to know how much she values that time with her Dad.

Our neighbors (Seth and Karen) are having some yard work done and Aubree has been so interested. The workers were out their one morning with all their tools and truck and by nap time Aubs was still watching. During her nap they ripped up all of Karen's grass and were prepping to put in a new sprinkling system. When Aubree woke up she went to her window, saw their yard and said "Mommy where did Sammy's grass go?" She was very concerned.

We had a rain storm a few days ago. Aubree was watching Toy Story and kept asking me to turn up the volume. I kept telling her "no, it's loud enough", and she kept asking. Then she asked if we could listen to music. I said "No, Toy Story is on" so she looked up at me and said "Then can you turn the rain down?"

Another time watching Toy Story (it's her new favorite) she looked up at me and said "Mom, I am one special kid." Pretty priceless.

The other night we had a pretty bad wind storm. (where is Spring?) Aubree got out of bed around 10:30, the wind was too loud and she couldn't sleep. Dave went and got her and brought her downstairs to be with us. I asked her if the wind was keeping her up. She said "No, it's keeping me scared."

And now for little Soph:

She finally has a tooth! Yeah! Right after her birthday we saw something poking through her gums. She was grumpy, drooly, all the classic symptoms of teething. I drugged her up :) and pretty soon she cut three teeth. One on bottom and two on top. She now has cut another tooth on top and I can see the rest coming. She got them late, but it looks like they're all coming now. Too bad the only one you can see is the bottom snaggle that doesn't have a friend. Hopefully soon.

She loves mimicking sounds. It's fun to play that game with her, Aubree even enjoys it. It's super cute when they growl to each other. So since then she has started to say more words. (So far she can say Mama, Dada, Bottle, and don't) now she has started to say Aubree. She has said it before in isolated cases. But only when prompted. Now she'll call out for her sister. It is really cute. When she wakes up in the morning we can hear her in her crib saying "Aubree?, Aubree?'' wondering where she is. And if Sophie is awake during Aubree's nap (which happens more times than I want it too) She'll look around corners, or go into other rooms saying "Aubree?" trying to find her. She also says "hi" (which again she has before, but never knowing what it means.) It's fun seeing her try to find reasons to say it. She'll walk out of a room and then walk back right in and say "HI". Or if she's trying to get your attention she'll just say "hi,hi,hi,hi,hi" as many times as she needs to before you acknowledge her. She just learned how to say bye bye and says it on command, but not if you don't say it to her yet. And just today she said "amen" after hearing it, after a prayer. I love this phase of talking. So fun.

She is such a Daddy's girl. If we are both home she wants him. She'll cry if I have to hold her. It's sad for me, but I have a Momma's girl so it's only fair that he gets one too. Along those same lines, she likes men more than women. She'll go to my Dad, but not my Mom. She wants Grandpa more than Grandma. And any time we're with friends she gravitates to the boy! It's pretty fun to watch.

She learned how to go down the stairs. It is the cutest thing to watch. At first she just knew how to stop mid flight and slide down backward. Now she can do it from the landing. She inches her toe so slowly until it reaches the edge, then turns around and slides the whole way down. I need to get it on tape, it is priceless with those thunder thighs bouncing down. I still don't let her do it unattended, because our stairs are so steep and have the hard wood at the bottom. But so far so good. It is so nice to almost be out of that scary stair stage.

That's all for now.


  1. Aubree's sayings are priceless! And, I love that Sophie is talking more and more.

  2. so sweet! I miss you guys. I need to come up and see you.

  3. holy post updating. i didn't realize i hadn't read so many....i was going to comment on them, but you'll just have to do with this one. fun posts. so much happening. i am glad you posted about what your kids are doing right now. you've inspired me. i need to record more of that.