Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Karen mad me snuggle up..promise. I was too far away for her liking the first few times!

Karen for team Edward.

We had a few seconds to get these pic's before it started!
I was lucky enough to be invited to an advance showing of Eclipse by my friend Laci. Her cousin in law rented out a theatre and she offered tickets to anyone who wanted to buy them. OF COURSE!! So we got to see it 5:30 today (the day before it came out officially) Now I want to know how I can do that for Harry Potter... anyway, I got tickets for Dave and I and My Aunt Jenni and Uncle Corey. Dave unfortunately forgot he had to go out of town tonight and had a flight scheduled to leave during the movie! :( He couldn't change the flight...So he had to skip out. I invited Karen to come along instead. It was a blast. I LOVED the movie. I did hate how they changed so many little things and added weird things...(not the Bree story, those actually did happen just not in "Eclipse", but in: The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner") because you wonder why they have to change such small things...but the story was the same, so it was awesome.

I really liked how everyone looked better than in the other two movies, with the exception of Jasper. His hair was hide-ous! But Alice looked MUCH better, Bella looked really pretty (it's about time), Rosalie was gorgeous (except in the flash back, yuck) And it was fun to see the new characters, however small their roles were.

They cast Bree perfect, and Riley...and I didn't mind the change of Victoria. Dallas did an awesome job. I loved Seth and Lea too. We'll see how they do in the next movie when they have a bigger role. And Maria from Jasper's flash back was also awesome. I actually didn't mind Dakota in this movie. I might just be used to the idea of her in the role, but it didn't disturb me :)

The action scenes we pretty gross. But I did enjoy a little action to counter balance the love. My uncle said he wanted to see more blood :) but we had to remind him that vampires don't bleed. The sound they made was perfect for when the vampires break. Awesome. I really think that Dave will enjoy this movie because of the action scenes. He may be rolling his eyes at other parts, but that's okay. We'll see.

Parts I particularly loved were...all the flash backs, Charlie's sense of humor, seeing more of Bree's side along with the Cullen's, and I am very happy to say Kristen's stuttering and creepy blinking were absent. (and of course seeing the Harry Potter trailer on the big screen.) I'm excited for you all to see it.

The four of us after the movie.

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  1. You and I liked and hated the same things (except for the romance--I can't get me enough of Bella and Edward love). I had a really fun time. Thanks for the invite!

    PS - The picture is on its way. ;)