Thursday, June 10, 2010

My plan is working.

My little sister Kelsey just moved back from Tennessee this Sunday. I am SOOOO excited and so happy to slowly be getting my family back. My plan is to marry them off to Utahan's who are homebound...then as my parents see their kids and grandkids are in Utah they will have no choice but to come back if they want to be a part of our lives. Two and a half down, two to go. Although Dave pointed out that my plan could backfire and they will love all the peace and want to stay's a risk I have to take. And besides the majority of my family here is better than nothing. Hopefully it works with Kelsey and then we'll work on Ben when he gets back from his mission (after he leaves in 3 years :) And I figure Brittany will follow, so wish me luck and I will keep trying...

In the mean time, the three of us that are here are having fun, getting together, doing dinners...and I'm loving every minute. I love when your younger siblings get to the age where they realize that family does matter and it is fun to be together.


  1. That's awesome that you have family to spend time with. It's hard living far away and not having anyone. If you succeed with your plan, I'm sure your Mom and Dad will move back. They couldn't stand to be away from all the beautiful grandkids.

  2. Just hope that Ben doesn't find someone in Tennessee. If Ben stays there, then your parents will.