Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Toy Story 3

My family is in town for my cousin Cami's wedding. And we are having fun. Aubree is obsessed with the Toy Story movies and so we wanted to go together. I took Aubree to her first movie (besides going as a baby) when Shrek 4 came out, but she was too scared to watch. So we went to try again, with my Mom, Dad, Eric, Carlee, My family, Kelsey and Guy. It was a fun movie. I especially loved the very beginning. (by the way, what was that short before the movie? SO weird.) But the most fun was to watch Aubree and Sophie. Sophie got so excited and kept pointing at the screen when the main characters would appear. Then she would turn around look at Dave and babble while continuing to point. She did really well even though Dave had to take her down to run around. But she stayed for the whole movie. Aubree also loved it. She couldn't keep her eyes off the screen. And she kept jumping from me to Kels to Carlee. It was a fun night and I am proud of my little troopers.


  1. I'm glad you had fun. I loved the short! It's not one of my favorites, but I thought it was hilarious!

    I think I like this Toy Story better than the other two. The beginning was awesome! I also loved Spanish Buzz! I cried like a baby at the end, though. Growing up sucks!

  2. Thanks for not giving it away--- I wish we could be there this weekend! I'm glad ya'll had fun, we were considering taking Jared--- maybe when we're in Seattle.

    By the way--- that motel with the shower in the middle was creepy--- and let's not forget the night before when we tried to figure out the noise that ended up being Grandad snoring.

    Love you tons!