Monday, April 11, 2011

Date Night

This weekend Dave and I went out. And it was FABULOUS! It's always too long between dates, and we had to finagle between two babysitters to have our night, but it was worth it. We went to a movie {Source Code} which was weird, and good, but not really realistic...and then came home to switch babysitters so we could go to dinner. When we walked in the door we smelled fresh cookies, saw a nice clean house, and heard silence....they were up stairs playing and being angels....they had baked peanut butter cookies, and decorated special ones for Mom and Dad...

She even cleaned up her mess, so the only evidence that she had made cookies, were the actual cookies themselves.....
This was the first time we have used this sitter and you can bet it won't be the last. We were pleasantly surprised to see how much she really does love babysitting, and we know she won't just be turning on the T.V. but PLAYING with them. Which is HUGE for me. Then we got the other sitter {who had NO chance of meeting our new expectations.... j/k} and went out to dinner at Thai Basil with our friends Rich and Lexi. It was a fun night, and nice to have two more awesome babysitters to add to the list.


  1. Wow! That babysitter is awesome! I never did stuff like that when I babysat. I played with the kids, but I didn't make cookies unless the parents had told the kids they could. She is definitely a keeper. Glad you had a good time and came home to a clean house. :)

  2. we would be happy to trade babysitting with you guys