Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Satan is a tricky one.

After watching conference, we got motivated to go back to the temple weekly. Where we live we feel like this is very manageable for us to do. Once a month we'll go together and the other weeks we'll do work on our own. Inititories are my favorite, so that's what I do. But when we go together we'll switch between Endowments and Sealings. We got out of the habit after his work schedule changed and made it impossible to keep our current (at the time ) routine. Well my new time is Tuesday nights. And tonight was the first. Let me just tell you how many things "came up" that could have easily deterred me from going. About 7 different instances happened to prevent me from keeping my commitment. The last one actually being a little traumatic. I was literally walking down the stairs with 7 minuets until the temple closed. We heard a big crash followed by a loud scream. Aubree had fell and hit her head H.A.R.D. instantly a HUGE black goose egg on her forehead appeared...what do I do? What's more important? The others were a lot more clear to me. But luckily she was willing to have Daddy comfort her, and he was willing to deal so I could go. He told me it went down a lot and she seemed fine after. So I did get to go and it was amazing. It has been WAY to long. And all I have to say is, take that Satan. Nice try but it didn't work.

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  1. Corey and I need to get back in the habit of going again too. Ever since I started school again (Jan 2010), we haven't gone regularly and I've missed it. I'll get back in the habit this summer and hopefully, I'll be able to keep going with my crazy schedule once school starts again.

    I'm glad Aubs is okay.