Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Wedding

Day 2: The Wedding Day

First I have to say that this is the FIRST TIME EVER I have left my kids over night. It felt really weird, free, and sad. Especially since today was Dave's 30th birthday!!! Well, I have to say that I did have a fun day planned for him, so I'm not the worst wife in the world. I sent Dave home from work to his Mom and Dad's and my sweet Sister Kelsey (who watched them all day Friday) delivered my kids. So he spent the weekend with his parents, his Mom pretty much taking over the kids and letting him enjoy his birthday. His day consisted of golfing with his Dad, lunch, dinner and a movie. And I had his Mom deliver him presents throughout the day from me. So I didn't totally abandon him.

Anyway, back to the wedding. Even though we went to bed super late, or early...we got up around 6:30. We tried to lay down longer, but once we were up...we were up. Being to excited that today was the day. And getting little sleep and being tired is a whole new feeling when you know you don't have responsibilities (kids, clean house, dinner, etc...) it was fabulous that I wasn't a zombie and I only had about 4 hours sleep...needless to say we were ready way before it was time to go. (thankfully, because this was the first time I have ever done extensions, and I wanted enough time to play around with them.) Chels left me with her veil and temple dress (to steam) and left with her Dad to the Temple. Marvin and I drove over to Jonelle's to finish up some things and pick up Jonelle and Lori (her Mom) This picture is of my lap on the way over to her house:

You can see the iron to iron my skirt, her dress, and the veil. My bag with my slip in it. a peek of Chelsea's temple dress, my skirt, my pajama bottoms that I still had on and my purse carrying essentials for me and Chels at the temple.

We finished everything up and loaded in the car. It takes about 45 minuets to get to the L.A. temple and we made good time. We met up with Chels and her Dad and we were all ready to go in. Of course we had to get some shots of them walking into the temple on their Wedding Day...

Once inside we were ushered to the bride's quarters where we would meet up with Chels, to help her get ready. We had a little drama, and I decided to back off since I wasn't family and I didn't want to step on anyone's toes. Jonelle and I went to wait inside the chapel and we had a good 50 minuets before the ceremony. Soon Chelsea's older brother Corey came (who was the only sibling so far that I hadn't seen) and I got to meet his cute wife. Her grandparents came and I got to say hi to them after 10 years. I was happy to say her grandpa remembered me. I wondered if he would. But we were always there when we were I guess it's not too surprising. Eventually we were all there and ushered up to the sealing room. I have never been inside the L.A. temple so it was fun to look around, and of course it was just beautiful.

The ceremony was very unique. I haven't been to one quite like it yet. And probably never will again. There were two sealers. One who was the Temple president. He has known Chels since she was born, was her Bishop and Stake President...the other sealer was probably the cutest little man I've ever seen. From Argentina to translate for Marvin. The President was the one who talked and gave them advice. And then it was translated for Marvin. There was a really sweet spirit in the room and he did a great job talking about the sealing and covenants and everyone was touched. Next came the part that was really unique. Marvin brought Chelsea up to the alter and the President sealed them in english for time and all eternity. After they kissed, the Argentinian sealer came up and sealed them over the alter in spanish, for time and all eternity. The were sealed TWICE! It was pretty incredible. And oddly enough I felt the spirit the strongest during the spanish sealing, even though I had NO idea what he was saying. (well I guess I had an idea...but I couldn't understand him.)

Jonelle, Denise, Lori and I then went to the Bride room to help her get ready for pictures. We got her dress on, fixed her hair, touched up make up...etc. When she was pronounced perfect, we were escorted out, to meet up with the family before she came out of the temple with Marvin. It was amazing, being such a big part of this whole process, to see it all come together. And it was BEAUTIFUL..I was proud of all the work I did. And impressed with her vision. Pictures followed, by her amazing amazing photographer. ( I just can't wait to see how they turn out. He seriously is AMAZING!!!) I got a few shots with my phone to tie me over until the good ones come...

This is me and Denise. Chels has one other bride's maid...but she couldn't come. So she'll be at their open house in Utah.

And me and Chels.
She wanted me to follow them around to make sure her veil, hair, etc.. looked good in the shots. After a while I felt bad that I was robbing her of her experience with Marvin to be "alone" getting pic's done around the Temple. So Denise and I vanished. And I had to get some shots of the BEAUTIFUL scenery.

My bouquet, so beautiful.
How gorgeous is California?

I decided that I probably shouldn't be a third wheel to the newly wed's needing a ride home. So I hitched a ride with Denise, Heber, Krista and Keith. We tried to drive around the temple to find them but we couldn't, so we texted Marvin to let him know I wasn't abandoned :) Then it was Luncheon time. The Guatemalan dinner turned out SO uber delicious. Didn't get any pic's but the photographers were was kinda a rush and I'm surprised that we didn't forget the decorations for the car!

The reception was beautiful. I can't wait to show you shots when I get them. Anyway here is the beautiful bride....
And with her clip.
We made Heber and Keith put the decorations on the car...and I realized that I left the garter at Jonelles house. So Denise and I ran back to get it! Then we realized we never put the ribbon on her wedding cakes to spruce them up. So we then did that and couldn't think of anything else we we mingled. It was really fun. I actually saw a lot of people I knew. I wasn't sure if I would. But I mostly saw my friends parents. I did see one friend. Ryan Haws, and his family. Katie his older sister got my number to give to her younger brother Danny, who was my really good friend, and not in attendance. Then Chels and Marvin did the cake, bouquet and final goodbye. They drove off into the sunset. It was quite beautiful, and I'm sure relieving for them. All the family stayed to help clean up, and I was really touched. EVERY member of Chelsea's family, in-laws and all expressed their gratitude to me for how much I did. It was really neat of them. They expressed how grateful they were that she had me and such. It felt good. It took a while to clean up and as I was leaving I got a call from Danny. He is local and wanted to see me before I went home the next day. Since he is recently separated, and I was husbandless I invited him over to Jonelle's so it wasn't inappropriate :) We caught up, it was really good to see him. And we all (Jonelle, her husband, Denise, me, Danny) talked and hung out until about 10:00. Jonelle was starting to feel sick. So she asked me if I would be comfortable going with her husbands sister to sleep at their parents house and she would take me to the airport in the morning. It was fine by me. So we left. She was super sweet and set me up in a nice room. She lives in Augora which is a little closer to the airport. So extra bonus. I got to bed a little earlier that night, around midnight...and was up at 6. We left and made good time again. My sweet friend Zenny who set me up with my tickets was waiting for me at the airport to fly home with me. (I had a standby ticket. And without her there I wouldn't have made it on that flight!) She woke up at 4:00 to start her day to make it to Long Beach in time to pick me up! She is the BEST in the whole world. I got home safe and my trip was at an end!
What a great time I had. And I VOW that it will not be 10 more years before I go back. I just love that city.


  1. When you say extensions, do you mean hair extensions? Did Carlee put them in just for the wedding? Or, are you going to leave them in for a while?

  2. "Drama"... Haha. Aymee, you're the bestest best friend a girl could ask for! Thank you so much for EVERYTHING!!!!