Saturday, May 21, 2011

Aubree's final birthday celebration

Aubree told me that she wanted a party just like Soph. That was really easy since I had extra of everything. I hardly did any work for it and it turned out SUPER cute.

The exceptions were:
number 1: "pin the jewel on the crown" since Aubree is getting older, I wanted to do some fun games with the girls. I made this crown out of vinyl and put it on the wall. It looked too lonely by itself so I added the words last minute. I put a table right by, that had the jewels, bubble wands as their prize, and a bunch of princess items to wear as they put the jewel on.

The cute favors. A bunch of Aubree's favorites.

Beautiful cake that my neighbor Brenda made.

the "birthday" girl, anxiously waiting for her friends to come.
and cute Soph.
Her friends that came were:
Helen Soqui
Missy McDonald
Hazel Jeffries
Ella Reading and
Ava Benson..she was so happy they could make it and they all had a blast. First off was presents. And I am so happy that four years later, she actually likes to open them!
Exception #2:
instead of doing a balloon "pit" like we had at Sophie's party...we had a balloon hunt. I put three pieces of candy in each balloon, and hid them outside. I had them all find three balloons and then we popped them to find their prize inside.

I then asked all the little girls to line up at the wall like they do at church...and they did! They were such a good group of girls. I thought the agenda would take a lot longer, but they were so compliant that we were rushing through it...
I gave each girl the option to be blindfolded and wear any princess items as they put the jewels on the crown...
Ella was the only one who wanted to be blindfolded...(but then Missy wanted to too!)
But they all wore the princess shoes!

After that we had cake and ice cream, and the "party" was done....except we had half an hour to kill before the parents we blowed bubbles with their new bubble wands..
got a picture of all the girls together..
and the beautiful crown, finshed.Soph was having fun with it all day...
It was so much fun and Aubree was so happy to finally have her party with her friends.

Later that night her friend Hazel had her birthday party. They rented a taco cart and had a big party. The taco's were AMAZING. I had 5! Yep. I'm pretty much a bottomless pit, and I couldn't stop...

It was a fun filled day.

Here we are singing Happy Birthday to Aubs.

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