Monday, May 30, 2011


Amidst my crazy week, I had a friend with a birthday and visiting teaching appointments scheduled. Then I was invited to a Farewell Party for the end of the Oprah show. So I made cupcakes, lots and lots of cupcakes. Althouhg I didn't take pictures of two other sets....but for My friend Danny's birthday...
For one of the girls I visit teach (the other two were the ones I forgot to picture...)
And for the Oprah party!

So now the party:
We were each asked to bring an "Oprah-licious" treat to share. So naturally I wanted to make cupcakes.
But I also wanted to make them special. So I decided to fill them. I just googled the best method to do it, and it's basically like using a bread bowl with soup. You just cut a "cone" out of the top, slice off the cone so you have a "lid" and fill the hole with whatever you want. replace the lid, frost, and you're done! It was a bit time consuming...but so worth it. I made lemon cupcakes, and wanted to fill them with lemon pudding. Then I topped 'em with cream cheese frosting. They were SO good! But I ran out of frosting and had to compromise.
So they weren't as pretty, but slap some cute toppers on, and I felt good to go.
On her front door in the wreath, Anne Marie had hung this cute sign.
And as soon as you walk in this was hanging off from the top floor. So cute!
And then she had a table of favors, with "favorite thing" for us to take when we left.

We got a group shot, but I haven't recieved my copy was really fun, and good to get out of the house after taking care of sick Sophie all day for the past couple of days...

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