Tuesday, May 31, 2011


My sister Kelsy is so helpful and is always watching my kids. The L.O.V.E her, and I never have to worry when she's the one I'm leaving them with. So the other day when she was watching them Sophie was having a snack of Doritios. After eating a few she was rubbing her hands (in an attempt to clean them) and Kels started laughing. Aubree immediately asked her what she was laughing at. (She gets really embarrassed and if she thinks your laughing at her it makes her upset.) So Kels explained that she was laughing at Sophie, because she was being cute. So Aubree asked, "because she was doing that with her hands?" Kels said yes, and then she replied "I do that with my hands too. When my hands get spicey, that's what I do too." (something like that) Cute girl. I love hearing the fun stories Kelsey has to tell me!

Sophie is my reader. She LOVES books. That is her toy of choice. And she has started "reading" them to herself. (she has always looked at them by herself...but now will say words along with the pages...) So I had to record one. My favorite is the end when she says "the end" in her cute little voice!

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  1. Sophie reading the book was so cute! I love her cute little voice. "Bullseye." "Horsey." "The end."