Sunday, May 29, 2011

Busy week

Some weeks feel so much busier than others. This one was a weird mix of sitting on the couch all day and being super busy...Sophie was very subdued Monday, and by that afternoon she was really warm and was acting more tired than usual. She seemed in good spirits though so for Family Night we went to the Party place. Btw have you ever had "spud-pizza"? SO delicious...

By Tuesday morning she was in full blown fever mode, no other symptoms just fever and tired. So for the next three day we lived on the couch. It's always hard taking care of a sick baby, but when you don't know what is sucks! I was just giving her lots of fluids and medicine and it finally dawned on me that she had her immunizations about a week ago and she always reacts about 10 days later. Thankfully she wasn't sick, and finally Friday she was feeling better and her fever had broke!
We wanted to celebrate, we went out to dinner and took the girls to Kung Fu-Panda 2. My cute sister Kelsey joined us. The girls were having a blast, and about an hour into the movie Sophie was acting a little weird. A few minuets later she projectile vomited all over Dave and Aubree's seat. So needles to say they left. Aubs and I stayed and LOVED the movie, but we had a constant waft of sour milk vomit.....I tried to clean it up as best as I could. But I only had one wipe and A LOT of puke! We later realized that it also wasn't a "sick" throw up. None of her stomach contents (dinner, treats she had during the movie) came up....just a TON a milk that she had been downing. Apparently it just didn't make it all the way down, and couldn't!

Saturday we spent the day at Dave's parents house. He golfed with his Dad while we watched the kids....later that night we were invited out to dinner with some of our friends, the Collins and the McDonald's. We went to a restaurant called Nacho Libre. It was awesome. They had a big poster of Jack Black in his Nacho outfit and there was a character dressed in the Nacho outfit who walked around, filled up water...he was killin' me! After, we went over to the McDoanld's (and it was they're 7 yr. anniversary!) and played Wits and Wagers. It was a fun filled week and a party I went to Wednesday night (that will get it's own post) was also added into the mix. Whew. Maybe this week will be a little more calm....

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  1. Aww poor Soph!! Glad she is feeling better. There is nothing worse than sick kids!