Friday, May 6, 2011

May 6th, part 1

I wanted to break this day down since two note worthy things happened. First it was Aubree's Mother's Day celebration at school. Dave stayed home with Soph so I could go. I had Brielle with me. (A little girl I watch) and she is an angel, so I got to enjoy the show. Three classes were gathered to give us Mom's a show. Aubree reminds me so much of me. She didn't sing, do actions, etc...just kinda sat there shyly. She was looking around happily, smiling, and when she spotted me (about three songs into the program) she got really shy, started to cry and came to me for comfort. Luckily she went back and did a good job sitting :)

Then the other two classes left and we were each presented a gift, one by one, from our child.

A cute cup of sprouts they had planted, a little poem with handprints. And a questioner.

The questioner was really cute so I wanted to share.
(Answers are all Aubree :)
1. My Mom looks prettiest when....she goes to church.
2. My Mom's favorite food is....noodles
3. My Mom's eyes are....brown
4. My Mom likes to....go swimming
5. She is happy when....I listen to Mrs. Burnett
6. My Mom is ___ years old. (No response)
7. If my Mom could go anywhere she would Disnayland
8. Her best friend is....Kelsey
9. Her job take care of me, clean and cook.
10. I love my Mom because....she loves me.

A fun little clip.

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